McKenzie Landscape and Seascape.

    at   Studio No. 12  -  Dunblane.


Traditional Landscapes and Seascapes by Scottish Artist.. - Tom McKenzie.

To Be Updated


Rcently completed works

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Now retired, I have at last   found time to devote more effort to my favourite pastimes, fishing, and painting.   Although I have no  formal art training I try to portray my land and seascapes in such a way that the viewer gets a feeling of actually being part of what they are seeing and all that's left to do is to imagine the sounds of the wind, the birds overhead,  or the waves coming ashore.    My long association with the countryside and particularly the rivers and lochs of Scotland, and the far flung Hebridean Isles, has provided me with plenty of subject matter and opportunity for developing my art .    Although primarily concentrating  and developing my techniques in traditional land and seascapes I occasionally digress into slightly more contemporary mode  and these works can be seen In  the Other Works page of the website.

Hi I'm Tom and I  have been a resident of Dunblane all my life. Educated firstly  at Dunblane Junior Secondary School and then McLaren High in Callander.  I began my working life as an architectural assistant  where I had a good grounding in form and function of classical architecture. Later I became familiar with the use of colour in design  when I went into textile printing and following a seven year apprenticeship became a fully qualified member of the Master Calico Printers Association. With the demise of roller printing in Scotland I moved on to become an external network planning engineer with a major telecommunications company planning and designing telephone networks..